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KOYO bearing grease or oil selection

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KOYO bearings have both rolling and sliding friction. Sliding friction is caused by the deviation of the rolling bearings on the surface curve and the deformation of the bearing under load. For example, between the rolling element and the ring, because the ball and the ring are not absolute rigid bodies, their contact area must always be elastically deformed. In theory, it is point contact or line contact, but in fact, the load action condition must always be the surface contact. Therefore, contact points of different diameters have different linear velocities to generate sliding friction. Due to various reasons, sliding friction may also occur between the rolling elements and the cage and between the cage and the inner and outer rings.
Sliding friction increases with increasing speed and load. In order to reduce friction, wear, temperature and noise, and prevent bearing components from rusting, proper lubricant selection and reasonable lubrication methods are used to appropriately control the amount of lubricant. Extending the life of KOYO bearings is an important issue.
1. Basis of oil or grease used in KOYO rolling bearings:
The advantages of using lubricants in rolling bearings are:
(1) Under certain operating specifications, the starting torque and friction loss of lubricating oil are significantly less than those of grease lubrication.
(2) Because the lubricating oil takes away heat and plays a cooling role in the circulation, the bearing can achieve a higher speed.
(3) It can ensure higher operating temperature.
(4) When replacing the grease, the related connecting parts must be disassembled, and there is no such trouble when lubricating with oil.
(5) It is very suitable for adding lubricating oil to the bearings in the reducer, because the oil achieves the purpose of splashing gears and bearings at the same time.
(6) The grease in the bearing will gradually be contaminated by products worn by the product, abrasives, products passing through the sealing device from the outside, and self-aging products. If it is not replaced in time, it will cause accelerated wear of the bearing, and when liquid lubricant is used, it can be filtered to ensure its normal operation.
The advantages of KOYO rolling bearing grease lubrication:
(1) Each bearing point must be frequently lubricated by hand. If you change the grease, you can save trouble and avoid accidents caused by lack of oil.
(2) Grease itself has a sealing effect, so a mechanism with a low degree of sealing can be used to simplify the design.
(3) Experience has shown that within a certain speed range (n <20000r/min or dn <20000mm.r/min), the use of lithium-based grease for lubrication has a lower temperature rise and greater temperature increase than the use of dripping grease. Long bearing life. .
2. Lubrication theory basis of KOYO rolling bearings
The lubrication mechanism of rolling bearings belongs to the theory of elastohydrodynamic lubrication.
3. The relationship between the failure type of KOYO rolling bearings and lubrication
When choosing a grease, you must choose a grease compatible with the operating conditions (temperature, speed, load, environment, etc.). These are related to the basic characteristics of grease, which depend on the type of thickener and base oil.

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