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Testing of SKF bearings operation process

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Rolling sound of SKF bearings:
A sound sensor is used to check the size and audio quality of the rolling sound of the bearing in operation. Even if the SKF bearings is slightly scratched, it will emit abnormal sounds and irregular sounds. The sound sensor can solve this problem well. If the lubrication and installation parts are suitable, the bearing temperature will rise suddenly, and the temperature will increase abnormally. At this time, the operation must be stopped, and the necessary precautions must be taken. According to a large number of test data, Table 4-1 lists the average value of the outer ring temperature of the bearings in various machines during operation, for reference. Since the temperature is affected by lubrication, speed, load, and environment, the values ​​in the table only indicate the approximate temperature range.
The vibration of SKF bearings:

SKF bearing vibration still has an apparent response to bearing damage. For example, these common problems, such as indentation, rust, cracks, flaking, and wear, can be clearly felt during the test. Therefore, by using a particular bearing vibration measuring device ( Frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the size of the vibration, and it is not possible to infer the specific situation of the abnormality through the frequency division. The measured values ​​are different depending on the use conditions of the bearings or the installation positions of the sensors, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to perform certain operations on the measured values ​​of each machine in advance to determine the final data.
SKF bearing temperature:
Bearing temperature, some bearing temperature can be measured, if the oil hole can directly measure the temperature of the outer bearing ring, it is more suitable. Usually, the temperature of the bearing rises slowly as the operation begins, and it becomes more stable after a few hours. The average temperature of the bearing will be different due to the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed, and rotation of the machine. The thermal sensor can be used to monitor the working temperature of the bearing at any time and can be prepared and reminded before the accident.

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