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Advantages of cow weighing and EID system and introduction of Smart weighing

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A comprehensive program for livestock health suitable for operation location, size and type is essential to reduce the chance of disease and even death for livestock in any operation, and to ensure profit.

"Regular animal weighing is a highly effective early warning system for potential health concerns."

The emotional and financial impact of health problems in livestock can be enormous if they are not addressed and dealt with promptly. A comprehensive program for livestock health appropriate for the location, operation size, and type is crucial to reduce the chance of dying and disease in animals in any operation, and to ensure the profitability of any operation.

Early Warn

The routine weighing of animals is an extremely effective early warning system to identify health-related concerns that could be a concern. If other variables (eg feeding habits, etc.)) remain the same weight loss could be a clear indication of a possible health issue.

A regular weighing program in the farming operation allows health issues to be identified quickly and with greater accuracy than conventional visual checks. For instance, certain animals are more vulnerable to specific parasites than other animals. with regular weighing, these can typically be detected and treated for specific animals without the need for whole herd/flock treatments.

A timely and efficient control of sick stock minimizes cost and time of recovery and also reduces the loss of revenue (milk not being put into the vat dry stock that is not reaching weight goals).

Better Decision Making

Apart from using information about weight to track weight loss proactive programs can help in a variety of different aspects related to herd management, for instance:

Decisions about slaughter or sale - the ability to choose animals to be sold or slaughtered according to the current weight and average daily weight gain

Impact of feeding programs - measure the how successful different feeding programs are and also allows choice of the right stocks for feeding preference (i.e. get premium prices on meat, according to the target weight ranges)

The results of the breeding plan. Select your preferred genetics based upon weight gain performance

Mating preparation - make sure that the animals are in the ideal weight for optimal reproduction success. After becoming pregnant keeping livestock healthy also has positive effects in reducing the rate of abortions and increasing the ease of birth and recovery rates following birth.

Electronic Identification: cost or investment?

With the increasing world population, ensuring the safety of agriculture's output all over the world is becoming increasingly important in our ability to provide food for the world. This is why numerous governments have either already or are currently in the process of adopting traceability requirements that are mandatory, with electronic identification tags for each animal.

While it is a necessity for producers to meet the requirements, they have found ways to convert this mandatory cost to an opportunity for investment. Beyond compliance, these tags allow farmers to control their herds to a single stock unit by drastically cutting down on the amount of labor required in comparison to traditional manual recording methods.

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Advantages of Smart weighing

The Smart weighing can not only achieve automatic cluster management according to the weight data but also monitor the change and trend of animal weight, realize fine breeding, reduce workforce and improve the efficiency of daily work management; In the face of the increasing gap between meat supply and demand, we can effectively achieve incremental breeding and steadily increase benefits.

In terms of animal protection, the Smart weighing can be used to carry out ear tag wearing, medication, epidemic prevention, and treatment for animals in Baoding District to reduce the difficulty of daily work, such as management, fetal supervision, midwifery, and other work.

Typical application scenarios of Smart weighing: information management of medium and large-scale pastures and animal husbandry applications of beef cattle, cows, calves, sheep, etc.

The trend of Smart weighing

Digital smart pasture is the main trend of future pasture development. Some large animal husbandry companies have invested in and developed Smart weighing and face recognition software for animals. Through a continuous collection of animal facial data, we can observe the changes in animal health and behavior. AI recognition technology can play a huge role in wildlife protection, animal disease warning, video tracing, animal/pet loss, and other aspects. In the future, it will also be applied to smart farms to monitor the health of cattle and sheep. With the support of big data, animal husbandry enterprises can monitor the food and water intake and behavior patterns of cattle and sheep, providing a more accurate scientific basis for precision breeding.

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology and communication technology, through the installation of intelligent terminals with sensors, such as Smart weighing, the farm environment data will be transmitted to the cloud and presented on mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., forming a large-scale and digital management means to further guide livestock production and solve the challenges faced in practical applications.

The combination of blockchain and smart pasture will promote food safety traceability to a new stage. The decentralized, asymmetric encryption algorithm, data tamper-proof, and other features of the blockchain will better realize the traceability of food at the source level, ensure the traceability of every link of the livestock industry chain from pasture to table, and improve the service and experience for consumers.

The combination of automatic feeding, Smart weighing, and other technologies with intelligent breeding technology will accelerate the process of intelligent precision breeding. The big data of breeding environment monitoring will provide an important decision-making basis for precision breeding, such as basic information of livestock, amount of exercise, breeding information, environmental temperature, and humidity, and realize intelligent precision health management, accurate prediction of estrus, automatic supplementary feeding, pasture management, etc.

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