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How strong is the bactericidal effect of nano silver

What's with the role the nano silver has?

Nano silver is comprised of silver nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are used as antifungal and antibacterial substances in various industrial processes, such as water purification, and consumers' products (such as cosmetics, clothing child care products including food containers, and many other products). The idea of nanosilver refers to the silver elemental silver having the size of a nanometer to nanometer. The term "nano silver" refers to a fine silver element that has tiny particles of less than 100nm. It is usually between 25-50nm. The efficiency of nano silver is directly dependent on the size of its particles. The study found that , the less size of the particles is, the better the sterilization properties.

Is nano silver the like colloidal gold?

The silver particles colloidal are created with no capping agent. In contrast, silver nanoparticles are covered with plant extracts. This makes them more stable and not harmful to human tissues. Furthermore, with the advancement in technology, the size particles have become consistent.

Does nano silver kill bacteria?

Silver is an extensively researched antibacterial drug that has been shown to kill bacteria, the fungi, as well as certain viruses. The antimicrobial effect is caused by positively charged silver Ions (Ag +)22,22. Silver ions are able to target microorganisms using various ways of action.

Nano silver cannot be observed through the naked eye. Very little nano silver is incorporated into deionized waters to form it into a colloidal solution, which is an antibacterial liquid. The particle size is 500 and 1000 times larger than the size of cells. It is extremely absorbable and easily excreted and it can rapidly and effectively catch-all isolated fungi and viruses. It's distinct from other antibiotics. Antibiotics will only kill a tiny number of bacteria but not viruses. Nano-silver has the ability to kill more than 665 kinds of bacteria, and viruses. It is well-deserved as the secondary "immune system" of the human body.

Do you think Nano Silver healthy?

As a substance, silver can be found in the natural environment and is thought to be quite secure. But, most people don't have enough knowledge about the health and environmental threats posed by silver nanoparticles consequently the ingestion of colloidal Silver is considered to be risky.

Nano silver antibacterial Compared with other chemical and biological disinfectants, nano-silver can kill over 650 varieties and strains of bacteria within a matter of minutes. It can also provide broad-spectrum sterilization that does not have any resistance to medication, and can aid in healing wounds, cell growth and damage. Repair of cells is none of the toxic effects and there is no itching to the skin. This offers a lot of potential for the broad application of nano silver in antibacterial. It is the latest technology in the field of antibacterial natural substances.

Is nano silver dangerous?

Nano silver is known to cause slight skin and eye irritation. It could also cause an allergen to the skin that is mild. Silver nanoparticles inhaled primarily can affect the liver and lungs. It has been established that silver nanoparticles can be toxic to mammalian cells.

Highlights of Nano Silver

1. An antibiotic has the ability to kill around six types of pathogens and nano silver has the ability to kill hundreds of harmful microorganisms.

2. Nano silver can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria in less than a minute. The unique bactericidal mechanism enables nano silver particles quickly kill pathogenic bacteria at tiny amounts.

3. Nano silver particles are extremely permeability, can quickly penetrate as low as 2mm to sterilize. They have the ability to sterilize ordinary bacteria, stubborn bacterial such as drug-resistant bacteria, as well as diseases of the tissues caused Fungi.

4. Promote healing of wounds Regeneration and repair of damaged cells, stop muscle growth, reduce inflammation and infection speed up wound healing and minimize scar formation.

5. Nano silver particles can be made using patented technology, and an outer protective film which releases slowly through the human body and the antibacterial benefits are lasts and is stable.

6. nano silver, a bactericide that is not antibacterial The nano silver can kill many pathogenic microorganisms, and is more effective than antibiotics. The unique antibacterial mechanism using nano silver particles at 10 nanometers can quickly and directly kill bacteria, making them cease their reproduction and cannot be produced. Next generation drug resistance could effectively avoid repeated attacks caused by drug resistance.

Nano silver antibacterial mechanism

Nano silver particles can be found between microscopic substances and macroscopic molecules and atoms. They display particular surface effects, small size effects, quantum size effects, and microscopic quantum tunnel effects and they are easily infiltrating bacteria;

2. The size of nano silver particles is very small and the volume percent of the outer surface is very high. The state of bonding and the electronic condition of the surfaces differ from the inside of the particle. The inability to coordinate atoms on the surface leads to an increase in active sites on the surface with the necessary conditions to act as an antibacterial substance.

3. Nano-silver's powerful penetrating powers It is able to completely and totally contact and attack pathogens, which results in stronger biological effects. It has the advantages of superior safety, a wide antibacterial range , and long-lasting disinfection time. Nanosilver's antibacterial qualities are much more effective at killing pathogenic bacilli, cocci and filamentous fungi than traditional silver Ion and fungicides. Nano silver particles can be able to kill fungi, bacteria mycoplasma, chlamydia as well as other pathogenic microorganisms.

Supply of the Nanosilver

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