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Overview of Magnesium stearate

What's Magnesium Stearate ?

Magnesium Sterarate, also referred as magnesium octadecanoic, is a derivative of metal that is made from sodium stearate and magnesium. It is a fine white substance that does not contain sand. it has a distinct scent; it has a slippery feeling when it comes into contact with skin. It is not soluble in water or ether, and is used primarily as an anti-adhesive, lubricant and glidant. It is ideal for the extraction of oils and extracts and the granules that are prepared have excellent fluidity and compressibility. Utilized as a flow aid in direct compression. It can also be utilized as filtrator aid, clarifying agent, and as a foaming agent, as well as an agent for suspending and as a thickening agent for liquid preparations.

An application area of Magnesium stearate:

1. Magnesium Stearate is used in medical and health products

Magnesium-stearate is a revolutionary additive that can be utilized as a film-forming substance suitable for preparations of solids as a thickener for liquid suspension preparations in suspensions, other similar applications. Magnesium is non-toxic and edible. It is also widely used in the manufacture of health care products. It is usually used as a coating for tablets as it will help let the health care products out precisely when needed in addition to providing lubrication. Active ingredient.

2 . magnesium stearate is a component of cosmetics

Magnesium is commonly used in cosmetics that are powdery, such as talcum blush, powder eye shadows, etc. It improves the adhesion and lubricity of different powders applied to the skin, mainly covering smoothing, stretching, and smoothing. Adhesion, absorption, etc.

3. Magnesium Stearate can be used in food preparation.

Magnesium stearate can be found mainly on pressed foods (tablet candy dairy tablets, nut chips or dietary fiber tablets honey tablets and so on. ) that can improve liquidity, anti-stickiness and lubricity of the material as well as improve the surface of the tablet. The gloss makes the tablets smooth and complete, and needs to be processed in addition.

In addition, magnesium is widely used in coatings in rubber, plastics, textile, and other industrial areas.

It's a wonderful lubricating and dispersion stabilizing extra. It can also be used as a filter aid, a clarifying agent, a foaming agent, as well as a thickener and suspending agent of liquid preparations.

Magnesium Stearate A danger for the human body

Magnesium-stearate is insoluble water and organic solutions however, it is soluble in hot acids and ethanol. When the body ingestions magnesium Stearate, magnesium produces chemical reactions when it comes in contact with gastric acids, creating magnesium chloride and stearic acid. Magnesium is soluble water . Therefore, it is able to excrete it through sweat and urine. Moreover, that stearic acid can be used up and then absorbed into the body. So, magnesium stearate will not cause any harm to the human body.

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