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What Advantages does Spherical Silica Powder Have

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What is Silica Powder?

Quartz powder or silica powder is made from pure quartz (all-natural quartz or integrated quartz) by crushing, picking, cleansing, acid therapy, high temperature melting, squashing, great grinding, as well as classification, in addition to iron and other procedures refined to satisfy the needs of the use of powder.

Silica is a type of silicon oxide, chemical formula is SiO2, in nature is the most usual quartz and also numerous microorganisms. Silica is the primary element of sand. Silica is among the most intricate and also bountiful households of products, in the kind of a range of mineral substances as well as synthetic items. Noteworthy instances include merged quartz, vapor silica, silica, opal, and also aerogel.

It is made use of in architectural products, microelectronics (as electric insulators), as well as elements in the food as well as pharmaceutical sectors.

What is Spherical Silica Powder?

Round quartz powder has the benefits of a smooth surface area, big particular area, high solidity, and stable chemical homes.

First of all, the spherical powder has great fluidity, as well as the resin is mixed right into a film equally. The resin addition amount is small, as well as the loading amount of quartz powder is high. The mass fraction can reach up to 90.5%. The higher the loading quantity of quartz powder, the lower the thermal conductivity, the smaller the thermal expansion coefficient of the plastic securing product, and the closer to the thermal expansion coefficient of monocrystal silicon, the better the performance of the digital elements produced.

Second of all, the stress of spherical powder is just 60% of that of angular powder, and also the stress concentration of the plastic seal made of round quartz powder is the most affordable and also the strength is the highest. Finally, the surface of round powder is smooth, the friction coefficient is tiny, the wear of the mold is little, and the life span of the mold can be extended more than 1 times.

What is Spherical Silica Powder Used For?

Primarily utilized as electronic packaging materials. The 3 primary materials of electronic packaging are substrate material, plastic securing material and lead frame and solder. Because of its low cost, straightforward process, as well as ideal for automation, plastic packaging has actually been created swiftly because its birth, accounting for an increasing share in product packaging, the present plastic packaging worldwide represented more than 95% of the integrated circuit market. Among the plastic product packaging materials, epoxy plastic packaging (EMC) is the mainstream of integrated circuit product packaging, more than 95% of microelectronic elements make use of epoxy plastic securing.

In microelectronic packaging, the primary requirements of incorporated circuit packaging high wetness resistance, low anxiety, low alpha ray, dip resistance and also reflow welding, good sealing performance process. Because of this, epoxy resin need to be doped with not natural fillers in the resin matrix, the inorganic fillers used currently are practically quartz powder. With the fast growth of microelectronics industry, massive, really massive incorporated circuit is higher and also higher to the need of product packaging products, quartz powder, as a crucial assistance of EMC materials not just its size comply with envelop particular scope, but also the demands of its, high purity, low material of contaminated components, particularly for the particle shape using the spherical requirements are advanced.

Round silicon powder not only has good shape, however additionally has high chemical purity as well as reduced web content of contaminated components, which can meet the technological demands of high-end integrated circuits. It can considerably reduce the thermal expansion coefficient of plastic sealing material, decrease its dielectric continuous, lower stress, greatly boost the rigidity, put on resistance, weather resistance, effect resistance, compressive resistance, tensile resistance, wetness resistance, fire resistance, to ensure that the products have excellent arc insulation resistance and also uv radiation resistance.

Along with being used in the field of electronic product packaging, round quartz powder can additionally be widely utilized in the manufacture of electronic ink, optical fiber, state-of-the-art cosmetics, top-quality accuracy porcelains, precision grinding of optical tools and electronic parts, as well as used as filler of special paint coatings, and so on.

Spherical Silica Powder Price

The cost is influenced by lots of variables consisting of the supply and need in the market, industry patterns, financial task, market view, and unforeseen events.

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