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What are the functions of boron nitride

Overview of Boron-Nitride Powder

Industrial-grade Boron nitride is pure white ceramic with hexagonal crystals that are similar to graphite. It can withstand temperatures that exceed 2,000°C. Depending on the grade, its dielectric strength is approximately 1000 volts/mil. Boron nitride is hot-pressed in forms of billets, which can be readily processed into rods or plates and even custom-designed forms .

What's the roles of boron nitride?

1.Release Agent for Metal forming and lubricant used for drawing of metal.

2.Special electrolysis as well as resistance materials in a high temperature state.

3.High-temperature solid lubricants,extrusion anti-wear additives,additives for the production of ceramic composite materials,refractory materials and antioxidant additives,especially in the case of corrosion resistance of molten metals,heat-enhanced additives,high-temperature insulation materials.

4.Heat-sealing desiccant for transistors and additives for polymers , such as plastic resins.

5.Pressed into various shapes of boronnitride materials, which can be used as high temperature, high pressure, insulation and heat dissipation products.

6.Thermal shielding materials in aerospace.

7.With the aid of catalysts can be transformed into cubicboron nitride. It is as hard as diamond , after high temperature or high pressure process.

8.The elements that make up the structural components of the nuclear reactor.

9.Aircraft,rocket engine nozzle.

10.Insulator for the high-voltage and high frequency of electricity as well as plasma arc.

11.Packaging materials to block the radiation of neutrons.

12.The superhard substance created by boron nitride processing can be converted into high-speed drilling tools as well as cutting instruments designed for geological exploration and drilling oil.

13.Separation band for continuous cast steel in metallurgy. It also has a flow slot to accommodate Amorphous Iron, release agent used for cast continuous aluminum(various types of release agents made from optical glass)

14.Make all sorts of evaporation boat for capacitor film aluminum plating,picture tube aluminum plating,display aluminum platingand more.

15.Various new-keeping aluminum-plated packaging bags.

16.All kinds of lasers, anti-counterfeiting aluminum plating and hot stamping products, all kinds of beer labels and cigarette labels. boxes, cigarette packaging boxes, etc.

17.The filler used in cosmetics for lipstick is non-toxic,lubricating and shiny.

In terms of optical uses, due to the toughness of the c-BN film as well as the extremely high transmission across the wavelength range from ultraviolet(from around 200 nm)to far infrared,it is suitable as a surface coating for some optical components, and is especially suitable for coating of window materials such as zinc selenide(ZnSe)and zinc sulfide(ZnS).In the same way, it has excellent heat shock resistance and toughness, and is predicted to be the ideal material to use as a window for high power optical components and lasers.

The supplier of Boron Nitride Powder

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