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What is slit rolling?


What is slit rolling?

Slit rolling is a new technology that has been widely studied and applied in recent 20 years. The so-called section rolling is a rolling process in which the billet is rolled into two or more parallel parts through the same cross-sectional shape design, then the billet is cut into two or more parts rolling along the longitudinal direction of the same cross-sectional shape cutting equipment, and continue rolling until the finished product is obtained.

According to the different structural characteristics of slicing equipment, there are several different slicing methods at present.

1) Roll cutting method is used to cut holes with rollers while the holes are deformed.

2) The slotting wheel method first rolls the rolled parts into two or more parallel parts with the same shape through the pass, and then cuts the rolled parts through the slotting wheel installed on the exit side of the rolling mill.

3) The disc shear method is to first roll the rolled parts into the shape to be sliced and then shear the rolled parts along the longitudinal direction through the disc shears installed on the rolling mill line. In addition to the above segmentation method, the flame segmentation method is also adopted.

Leading manufacturer of flying shear cut to length line

Foshan Te Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd is a China leading manufacturer of metallic processing machines, including slitting line, cut to length line, stainless steel polishing line, ERW tube mill line, roll forming machines, embossing line and etc.

You are welcome to inquire with the drawing or sample. And if you have any questions about our flying shear cut to length line, welcome to send an email to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The purpose that TX developed the type of rotary flying shear line is to achieve better flatness accuracy and continuous production, and reduced required space.

TX’s flying shear cut to length line can be applied for processing material like HR(hot-rolled steel), high tensile steel, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminium and etc. The thickness range covers from 0.1 to 25mm. Line speed is 50m/min max.

Commonly the flying shear cross cutting line is composed of decoiler, pinch roll & straightening unit, leveling unit, length measuring unit, flying shear, stacking unit(additional equipment like side trimmer, PVC film applicator, Crop shear can be incorporated).

Txs flying shear is applicable for light gauge, medium gauge, and heavy gauge cut-to-length line.


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