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What options do you have when shipping from China to the United States, by sea or by air?


What options do you have when shipping from China to the United States, by sea or by air?

From China to the United States

There is no way to bring goods from China to the United States by land. So, you can only do one of two things. You can send your goods by air or sea. Here's what you can do.


1. Shipping from China to the United States

To ship goods from China to the United States, you have to do more than talk about prices and make friends with the locals. When shipping, it is important to know the port. Both the United States and China have many different types of ports. The ports are shown here.


Port of China:


Tianjin port

Qingdao port

In Shanghai port

Ningbo port



Guangzhou port

Hong Kong

Major U.S. seaports


Long Beach

New York harbor

Port of Los Angeles

Auckland port

Port of Houston,

The port of Tacoma

Newark port

2. Air transportation from China to the United States

The fastest way to get goods from China to the United States is by air. Cargo airports have been growing and getting bigger to speed things up and make transportation easier. This is the most important airlift base for China and the United States.


China Airlift Base:











Major U.S. airports


- New York

- Memphis

-- Atlanta

Los Angeles -

Chicago -

-- Louisville

Miami -

-- Indianapolis

Dallas -


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