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Synthetic method and danger of nickel oxide

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Synthetic method of nickel oxide
1.The nickel salt calcining decomposition method for manufacturing nickel oxide is to remove the impurities such as copper, iron, manganese, chromium, etc. from nickel alloy scraps (containing iron, copper, chromium, etc.) with hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen peroxide, sodium carbonate, and ammonia. It is reacted with sulfuric acid to produce nickel ammonium sulfate, and then roasted and pulverized to produce nickel monoxide products.(NH4)2Ni(SO4)2一 NiO+SO3+(NH4)HSO4+NH3
2. Put NiC03 or Ni(N03)2·6H20 in a platinum crucible, heat it at 1000~1100°C for 6h, and then cool it in N2 without O2. If it is cooled in air, the surface will be skinned (Ni203), which can be reduced and removed with H2 at 100°C.
3. Put NiCO3 in a pear-shaped decomposer, and repeatedly fill and pump out N2 without 02 to remove the air. Then the device was evacuated to a high vacuum at 100°C and then heated to 350°C for 90 minutes. The product is transferred to a glass bubble prepared in advance and then sealed.
4. Adopt nickel carbonate method and ammonia method. The nickel carbonate method is obtained by dissolving gold scrap nickel in sulfuric acid or nitric acid, adding soda ash to produce nickel carbonate, and then washing, drying, and burning. The ammonia method is obtained by dissolving nickel waste, adding ammonium sulfate to produce nickel ammonium sulfate, and then dehydrating, calcining, and pulverizing. The reaction formula is as follows.
Overview of the dangers of nickel oxide
Health hazard
The impact of nickel oxide on the skin is more common in production, mainly manifested as dermatitis or allergic eczema. The rash has strong itching, which is called nickel pruritus. Nickel workers can suffer from allergic pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia, adrenal insufficiency, etc. Nickel is carcinogenic.
Explosion hazard
This product is non-flammable, toxic, and sensitizing.

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