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How to deal with the knotting phenomenon of the short blonde wig and how to maintain human hair wig

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The short blonde wig knotted reasons

Everyone hair is not tested for a long time, it will become very chaotic, and even a knotted situation, The short blonde wig is actually the same as our live-haired hair, and does not have a constant nutrition supply like the real hair, so it easier this circumstance occurs. Even if you often care, then this will happen after use.If you want to consult all questions from the product name, you can send an email to info@loveuwig.com.

How to deal with the short blonde wig after taking?

After the short blonde wig, you can do it yourself as long as it is not very serious. The first don\'t take the comb to comb. Because the human hair wig structure is like the natural growth of human hair, there is a ladle on the hair, and the short blonde wig can be solved when the short blonde wig is built. First, the short blonde wig is cleaned as warm water and soft shampoo, don not smash it, so that the short blonde wig is more serious, it is necessary to gently rub, put the hair as much as possible. After being completely washed, hang up to control the dry water, wait for water no longer flowing down, fix the short blonde wig in a special bracket or head mode, and then blow it with the hair dryer (low temperature) . But if your the short blonde wig is more serious, it is best to take a professional salon store to deal with.

The short blonde wig after the knot how to handle it?

The short blonde wig has not continued to provide continuous nutrition, so a fake hair is cleaned too frequently, which will make it a lot of nutrients. If there is no maintenance, it will become dry and dry, and the wigs in quality will only be more serious. There are two effective practices that have the following cases:

1. First start slowly slowly from the top of the head, then soaking in the warm water plus shampoo, about 10 minutes, remove it, clean it, then spray a special care solution.If you want to consult all questions from the product name, you can send an email to info@loveuwig.com.

2. When braking the short blonde wig, first blow straight down, slowly blow the flooded wig, and the combination of the comb is better. When you blow it, apply a layer of free pickup on the short blonde wig, the short blonde wig will become very embarrassed.

How to care for the short blonde wig

Store wigs with shelves

The short blonde wig wants to be compliant and usually important. When you usually do not need to wear a wig, don\'t put the wigs, you can\'t fold it. After the The short blonde wig is combed first, then The short blonde wig is set on the suitable shelf, so that The short blonde wig is naturally placed so that The short blonde wig is better. If you don\'t put The short blonde wig, then the hair will be chaotic when we wear it next time.

Comb wig every day

The short blonde wig is needed before and wearing, which is the same as the real person\'s hair care. I want to make the fake care, it is best to comb it every day. However, it should be noted that do not comb your short blonde wig with ordinary plastic comb, it is best to comb your comb to comb. If there is no comb, you can use your fingers to combat, which can avoid wigs always static.

Clean the short blonde wig like washing your hair

Wigs also need to be cleaned, but the number of cleansing will be much less than our shampoo, but it is gentle when we wash your hair. The short blonde wig generally does not produce grease, just dust contamination when wearing. Therefore, the wig is not to be cleaned frequently, and it is possible to wash it once a month. According to the number of times you wear, if the wig is wear a few months, it is also possible to wash it in two months. If you wear many times a month, you have to clean it for half a month.

Appropriate application of wig care fluid

Our hair usually uses conditioner or hair care essential oil appropriately, and the short blonde wig also needs care. Want to make the short blonde wig more supple, usually properly apply a fake care solution. No matter what type of wig, care fluids can be used, which can effectively alleviate the wigs of wigs and dryness. Because the wig range is unable to absorb nutrient, the time is long, and the dry phenomenon will occur.

The short blonde wig supplier

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